We warmly welcome you to the 14th Annual Meeting of International Society for Heart Research (Indian Section) to be held from 27th to 29th January 2017 at  the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology. The meeting is expected to bring the basic scientists and the clinicians working in the field of cardiovascular diseases in one platform 

The theme of the meeting for year 2017 is “Cardiovascular Disease: Current Advances in Nutritional, Clinical and Molecular Research”.

Reaching the venue

Meeting Schedule

Day 01 / 27th January 2017 
P.L. Wahi Oration by Dr. Balram Airan (04:00-04:30 PM) 
Plenary Talk by Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla (04:30-05:00 PM)
Session 01 / Heart Failure (05.05-06.25 PM)
Inauguration and Presidential address (07:00-08:00 PM)

Session 03 / Arrhythmia (10.55-12:55 AM)
Panel Discussion (02:15-03:00 PM)
Identifying opportunities for translational research in cardiovascular disease. 
Session 04 / Diabetes and Heart (03:00-05:00 PM)
Session 05 / Hypertension (05:15-06:15 PM)

Session 06 / Cardiomyopathy (09.00-10.20 AM)
Award Presentations (10.40-10.20 AM)
Manjit Singh Oration by Dr. K.Thangaraj (12.30-01.00 PM)
Panel Discussion (02:30-03:10 PM)
CPC case based on autopsy pathology  

Valedictory Session and Award session (04:30-05:15 PM)

Conference Abstracts

The Abstract Books for the conference is available online in multiple formats. 


      Only Spot Registrations Open    
Registration Fee:
Rs. 1,500 for students | Rs. 3,000 for Faculty | Rs. 10,000 for Industry

Social Media

You are welcome to tweet using hashtag #Genomeet during the conference. Please keep your mobile devices in silent mode.